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Power is a word that I use a lot. Power is often understood to be tyrannical or forcing, especially as it applies to the masculine use of power, which creates and destroys. There is certainly a place for both of those expressions of power when used properly and for good.

But, power can also be understood as agency, ownership, and authority. 

Confidence comes from knowing your power: what is yours to govern and what is not yours to control. It comes from knowing who you are and who you are not. Confidence is not a requisite for activating your true power but is rather a result of your conscious, intrinsic knowing. What is this special kind of “knowing” and how do you acquire it? (Hint: you already have it but you might have forgotten.)

It might sound surprising but to rediscover your power will enable you to recover your confidence. (Yes, recover it.) The two qualities, power and confidence, are inextricably linked. 

How Can You Restore Your Confident Knowing?

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t feel confident that it also feels like something is missing? That feeling is lack of power, agency, authority, ownership. As if something that you need is missing and possibly just beyond your reach. Suffering with imposter syndrome often comes from the feeling that you are not enough.

The first step to restore your confidence is to develop self-awareness. You can learn to activate your power (and your confidence) by practicing the tools of awareness. 

The Self-Study Way To Gain Greater Confidence

Here are a few of our highly recommended books and resources to consider for your personal growth. A few of these books are key reading that we consider in the confidence program, The Knowing Woman.

Inside the course, we practice deep self-awareness through tools, practices, and meditative readings. I recommend reading the books on this list that most resonate with you and then journal your thoughts and intuitive impressions.

1. The Strength In Our Scars

This book is especially nourishing and provides compelling food for thought if you are navigating loss.

2. The Intuitive Way

One common complaint that I hear from women when asked what they want is: “I don’t know.” But, I’ve found that when a woman takes a few moments to think about it – and to notice how she talks herself out of what she wants – the truth is always there.

You always know. You just need to remember.

This book provides tools and practices to find your truth and to own it.

3. How To Do The Work

There is no shortcut to growth. The first most pivotal step is to recognize yourself. The second step is decide that any fear that you feel will not stop you. No matter what. On the other side of fear, is freedom. Also, not to be missed on the note of healing is Brianna West’s pivotal exploration: When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal.

4. The Mountain Is You

Sometimes we are looking for a challenge that is outside of ourselves, a proverbial Everest to conquer in order to help us recapture feeling alive. But, there can be no greater challenge than the journey inwards to greater self-awareness and deeper understanding of yourself. When you understand yourself, a shift happens. Your world opens up and opportunities that were invisible just moments before miraculously slide into plain sight.

The book is beautifully written and sheds light on how to climb the most challenging mountain that you will ever face: yourself.

5. Atomic Habits

There is a good reason that this book is a bestseller. Common wisdom tells us to focus on goals. But, goals are just dreams without the habits to get you there. Habits are like little stitches that, taken as a collective, hold a garment together. We recommend getting the audio book and listening. A few of the gems in here seemed so obvious but only after we heard the author say it! You become what you practice.

The Guided Way To Greater Confidence

When I suffered from feeling like an imposter at work and later when I suffered from feeling lost during a difficult divorce, I wished that I had someone to show me the way out of my own darkness. I was scared while I felt alone and lost. I didn’t know that confidence coaches existed. So, when I discovered my true power and realized what was standing in the way of feeling 100% like myself, I was determined to share everything that I learned to help others who are where I have been.

And I created a course that facilitates taking the first (sometimes scary!) steps forward with guided assistance and a real coach and community by your side.

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