7 Mindset Practices Of A Confident Woman

Habits of Confident Woman

A confident woman is not born, she is created.

You’ve seen her. The one whose presence is felt in any room. She magnetizes beautiful people, enviable opportunities, and dynamic engagements. When she changes course, the earth moves with her. She is the one whose energy communicates hearth and love and is pregnant with purpose. 

She knows her worth. (And does not accept less.)

And with all of it, in spite of and because of, she very powerfully demonstrates the creative spirit of adaptation with a freedom that allows her to just…


Calm, clear, collected, and charismatic. In her power, unapologetically. Strong and soft. To lead and be led. Alert and relaxed. 

In her own lane. 

Here’s her secret: although she makes it look easy and effortless, she wasn’t born with it. 

She did the work to notice her conditioning and made some hard decisions about who she wanted to be.

You probably have a vision of yourself in your most expressive, expansive, delicious state. You already see who you want to be…

Inside The Knowing Woman course, these are the practices that you will work on with guided support plus we work on the beliefs, energies, and ways of being that help a woman lean into her wonderfulness.

Here is what the confident woman mindset practices that can bring your truest self into focus:

1. Become More Self-Aware

Journey inwards to understand yourself, your motives, passions, anger, and purpose. It is easy to recognize the struggle in others, look for the struggles in yourself because your pet peeves, irritations, repeated experiences, undesirable responses, joys and expressions reveal who you are. And be constantly in pursuit of the best version of yourself. Growth happens when we journey inwards to understand ourselves most of all. Armed with self-awareness, you create better experiences for yourself naturally and without struggle.

// Be grateful for your triggers. They point you to where you are not free.

2. Embrace giving and receiving

As we must inhale and exhale, we must give of ourselves and we must be open to receive the kindness, praise, love, energy from others. We need both. A confident woman recognizes that she does not need to have all of the answers; everything does not depend on her to get done because she curates, honors, and shows gratitude for the support that she receives. A woman warrior must rest and embrace becoming like water: going with the natural flow and abundance that rises to help her.

// Giving and receiving are like inhaling and exhaling. You need both.


Resources to rediscover your strength to stand confidently in your power

3. Learn To Trust

It is a critical element to feeling connected to purpose and to people who will nourish her on and forward.

But, the first person that you must learn to trust is yourself.

Everyone has suffered injury due to betrayed or misplaced trust. Everyone. But, that is not the reason or justification for withholding trust until there is “evidence” that someone deserves it. Contrary to common understanding, trust is a decision. Trust that if you get hurt that you can recover if you don’t run from the hurt but allow it to be your teacher.

Trust is a decision.

4. Practice Vulnerability

It is a hard thing to be vulnerable.

To let others truly see you – insecurities, foibles, warts and all – is an act of vulnerability. It is to come out of hiding and open yourself to receive understanding and judgment. To close yourself, walls up and armor on, constantly in a defensive energetic posture is to focus your power only on defense and to give no attention to offense (also known as connection). That is to play small. That is to hide from life. The confident woman aims to exercise her full powers for love, connection, freedom, and fullness. Small cannot exist when you play INFINITE.

5. Know Your Power

This is to take ownership of your experience and to open yourself to the fullness of it. Once you know yourself, your past, your stories, your truth, your body, your gifts and placing yourself at full command of all of the beautiful you. It becomes effortless to make a space for yourself in your own life. You find spaces, not where you fit, but where you belong.

A powerful shift happens when you know that you are ENOUGH.

When this happens, you will truly know your power.

6. Heal

We all inherit and accumulate hurt. Some offenses are a result of our misplaced expectations. Some injuries occur because hurt people hurt people. But, we don’t see situations and experiences and people as they are…we see them as WE are, in whatever way our fear-love-injury beliefs shape our perspective. Healing is one way that we learn to embrace adaptation, not expecting your environment or circumstances to stay the same, but opening to the collateral beauty in every experience – even the hurtful ones. To become a confident woman, you must do the important, difficult, “hero’s journey” work of healing yourself so that you can hear and see and receive and give, not through the filter of your wounds, but with the openness of your love. 

// Heal. So you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds.

7. Release Anything That Drains You

Release yourself of the wounds of your past. Release your caretakers from disappointment you feel about what they were unable to give you or about what they did give you. Release others to their choices. Release yourself to come out of hiding and experience true joy and pleasure. Release all of the negativity and shame and blame and guilt. 

Let go or be dragged.

Learn more about the Knowing Woman Program and journey forward to BECOME.

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